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Roy A. Smith, CEO & Founder

How it all started

R.A. Smith Asphalt Paving Contractors, Inc. was established in 1982 as R. A. Smith Roofing and Asphalt Services by Roy A. Smith Sr. During this brief period, the company’s major emphasis was on commercial roofing and asphalt paving repairs with 4 full time employees. Today the company has grown to 14+ employees with emphasis primarily on commercial paving. In 1987, R. A. Smith Roofing & Asphalt Services was incorporated and the name became R. A. Smith Asphalt Paving Contractors and concentrating on the paving of roads and commercial parking lots.

With a solid foundation R. A. Smith Contracting has paved the way for a bright future by completing projects successfully. We welcome the opportunity to put our expertise to work for you.

  • RAS Asphalt becomes a preferred vendor

    RAS Asphalt becomes a preferred vendor for the Atlanta Commerce Alliance & Atlanta Housing Authority for asphalt/property repair & maintenance.

  • JE Dunn Mentoring

    RAS Asphalt becomes involved with mentoring programs at JE Dunn Construction.

    Bonded for $3 million

    RAS Asphalt gets bonded for $3 million.

  • RAS Asphalt Certifications

    RAS Asphalt becomes certified & licensed in Tennessee, North & South Carolina, & Florida.

  • Mentor Protege Southern Company

    RAS Asphalt becomes a mentor/protege with Southern Company.

  • RAS Asphalt Mississippi Certification

    RAS Asphalt becomes certified with Mississippi/SMARTA.

  • Alabama Power Mentoring Program

    RAS Asphalt gets involved with the mentoring program with Alabama Power.

  • Licensed with GDOT

    RAS Asphalt becomes licensed & certified with GDOT.

    RAS Asphalt established in Atlanta

    RAS Asphalt makes a major move from Birmingham, Alabama to Atlanta, GA.

  • RAS Asphalt Bonded

    RAS Asphalt obtains bonding for $650,000.

  • RAS Asphalt incorporated

    RAS Asphalt was incorporated in 1987 with current entity name.

  • Founding of RAS Asphalt by Roy Smith Sr.

    Asphalt was founded as R.A. Smith Roofing & Asphalt Services.

Meet our team

Roy A. Smith
Roy A. Smith

Roy Smith successfully owns and operates a paving construction business for over 25 years, built from the ground up to annual revenues in excess of $3.5 million. He has experience in providing quality workmanship and world-class service to governmental and commercial agencies, general contractors, small businesses and residential customers in both Georgia and Alabama.

Charlene L. Smith
Charlene L. Smith
Office Administrator

Charlene brings R.A. Smith Asphalt over 20 years in finance management & budgets for organizations ranging from $12M to $850M. She is a seasoned and experienced manager with implementations of fixed asset modules within SAGE Accounting software. In addition to OnBase database management system financial modules, accounts payable workflows, QuickBooks, and Tyler Munis Enterprise Resource (ERP) budget modules. She is familiar and practices within Sarbanes Oxley & GAAP regulations with a firm background in accounting & audits.

After 30 years of business, the direction of R.A. Smith Asphalt is for growth and business continuity. We are driven, family oriented, and community rooted.
Roy A. Smith, Sr.